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Sonntag, Oktober 28, 2007

LADYFEST BUCAREST, 12 - 14 October 2007

P A R T 1

Ladyfest Bucarest took place the first time in the capital from Romania. The first romanian Ladyfest was two years ago in Timisoara. A small group of women, who were also involved in Timisoara gave us the pleasure to organize this Ladyfest-Weekend.

During this three days there were workshops, dicussions, screenings and exhibitions at the place of the art project H.arta. If was also always looked for food and drinks for the visitiors. Every evening was a cultural event with bands and Djanes at the Punkoteca.

Friday, 12th of October, was one of the workshops to [anti-racist strategies]. It included the question about the romanian society and the way the society is with romanies. The followed the question, how the three waves of feminisn took place in Romania and what this meant for romanies women. The class structure was seen in time more near the amercian society during the second wave of feminism and also the second wave was different in Romania, because it was the time of communism. The gender-rolle during communism was described as very traditional but with access to broader job opportunities. For today was asked, why it seems that feminism is no opportunity for cooperation. Are there only the opportunities ti figth against discrimination or for feminist rights? There is a lack of research which connects the rassism with gender. This lack is also seen as an institutional exclusion because there are no theories which would bring this muliple oppressions together. See for the topic

What happens with the romani men, when the women are supported, was one of the further questions. In public, romani women are mostly seen as mother and the romanian government talks about the population grows of the romani. Therefore it is not so easy for romani to trust a doctor, when he medicate a newborn romani baby.

It was said, that only about 10 % of the romani live traditional. Romani youth is more under the influence of her parents, then youth is in other parts of the romanian society. So is the question, if they miss, what they not know. To the question of early marriage was explained, that this was basically an economic act from the parents.

As the following workshop [feminist self-defense] had started, the police came. They said, that they are here to protect the ladyfest event, and wanted to know something about the following cross city march. From now on, they came every day at afternoon and tried to make friends.

Late at friday, 5.30pm, started the "Take Back The Night March" which started with a meeting in front of the Piata Constitutiei and went then through Bucarest.

The evening was closed with a wonderfull concert of two bands, STACEY CAPOOT from San Diego, California, the members are just living in Bucarest and the romanian band NOT YOURS. Both bands rocked the Punkoteca and we had a lot of fun.

LADYFEST BUCAREST, 12 - 14 October 2007

P A R T 2

Saturday, the 13th of October, started with a famous [Vegan Baking]. After this, we had a nice introduction into [queer identities vs heteronormativity] which endet with the question: When did you notice that you are heterosexual?

Afterwards we had a great discussion about [non-hierarchical, feminist, non-violent communication and group organizing]. The questions were, how do we communicate in groups and how can we avoid hierarchy. There are always different forms of hierarchy and how can we handle with them. We should find out, which values we have in talks and discussions and how we can handle with the idea of rationality and reaching an aim. Networking and consensus decision making would be helpful, too. See under consensus decision making

The next workshop introduced is into the ideologie of [maternity and its social and political implications]. The discourse from media and society about this topic is occupied absolutly positive. But if you ask people with children you will hear other things, to have a baby is stressful, you will have no time for sleep and other things, the topics of your interest have to change, you get worse jobs, - it is not all as happy as to see in the official public. Women, who are older and without a child are seen as poor persons or as not normal. So this ideology includes a lot of the structuring of the society. The idea of "normality" is to see very strong along the discourse of maternity and has an own form of exclusion.

There followed more discussion about radical reading and women's work

This night at the Punkoteca we had a nice offer for free vegan food, which was delicious – thanks a lot to the cooks! After that we had a very nice concert from THE FITS, a great swedish band who gave us a lot of dancing and fun. Unfortunatelly the second band, a romanian one, called of short-term. But we had for further dancing the great DJ PINKTROL, who gave us on and on dancing music trough the whole night.

LADYFEST BUCAREST, 12 - 14 October 2007

P A R T 3

Sunday, 14th of October, brought us the last day for LF. We started with a good coffee and food at the homebase @H.arta. Sorry, for I stayed to long at the party, I missed the first workshop [Gender and wikipedia/women's presence in internet spaces]…

The second workshop was held from an activist to [Prostitution, trafficking, violence against women] and discussed the different views in this topic. Can prostitution be seen as a free decision from women or is it violence against women? The discussion went along groups in countries which works with this different approaches. The activits position was, that she fights against prostitution because it is violence against women.

Then were shown some films about civil protest for peace, ladyfest grenoble, …

The next workshop was introduced with a small youtube film about tampons and menstruation and had the title [feminine corporeality, our corporeality] and we discussed about menstruation, the view of the society on this and our personal history with our monthly happiness.

Then there was a [radical tour] through Bucarest and films about Romania in Ex-Yugoslavia and Romania…

Our night event in the Punkoteca started again with nice food and good beer. Unfortunately canceled both romanian bands for this evening. But we had our fine DJ IF from Munich, who gave us a nice dancing for this last evening at the Ladyfest.

THANKS A LOT! to all, who made this great Ladyfest happen!!!

Dienstag, Oktober 23, 2007

LADYFEST BERLIN 2007 - afterthoughts

the ladyfest berlin was a fine made meeting, discussion, party and concert which took place
from the 2 - 6 august 2007

the meetings and discussions are going on

ladyfest lounge, 25th october, 9pm @ Barbie Deinhoffs

ladyfest meeting, 30th october, 8pm @Größenwahn

and see for the discussion
"The Future of Feminism"

and more information the website:

Donnerstag, April 12, 2007


today at Barbie Deinhoffs is Ladyfest Lounge with:

live: Connys Swedish Roommate

and DJane Trillian and ...

start so about 21.30

open from 18.00, to find in Berlin, Schlessische Strasse 16

see and enjoy !

Montag, März 19, 2007


Las Curvettes, Argentina

next meeting for all interested ladyz for the berlin ladyfest organisation is:

27th of march, at 8pm

Größenwahn, Kinzigstrasse 9
backhouse, Friedrichshain
U5: Samariterstrasse

we are glad to see you!

Samstag, März 17, 2007

L A D Y F E S T B E R L I N 2 0 0 7

the ladyfest orga-group started talking about ladyfest 2007 in berlin

if you want to plan with us, we would be happy to see you on our meetings